About Us

What is OA?
Who belongs in it?
What does OA offer?

For answers to these questions, visit the web site for Overeaters Anonymous.  These questions in particular are answered on the “About Us” section of the Newcomers

What is the Greater Omaha Intergroup?
Greater Omaha Intergroup is the service body that coordinates business for OA meetings in eastern Nebraska and southwestern Iowa.  This Intergroup . . .

  • disseminates information to/from meetings;
  • disseminates information to/from Region 4 and World Service;
  • sends representatives to Region 4 and World Service events;
  • maintains committees to organize events;
  • collects 7th Tradition from meetings and supports Region 4 and World Service with those funds;
  • maintains the answering service and website;
  • publishes our local newsletter;
  • provides support for meetings.

When does Intergroup Meet?
Intergroup meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month January to November at First Covenant Church, 90th & Dodge in room 201 at 6:15pm. In December a special budget planning meeting is setup at a time designated by the Chair

Inclement Weather Policy: 
Intergroup will be cancelled due to weather if Omaha Public Schools have cancelled.
Who can attend Intergroup Meetings?
Intergroup meetings are open to all OA members.
Who can serve on Intergroup Committees?
Intergroup committees are open to all OA members and these are a great way to perform service.
Who can serve on the Intergroup Board?
Intergroup board members are eligible to stand for election if they meet specific abstinence requirements. See the bylaws for more information. They are elected at the November meeting.
Officers for 2018:
Amy (Chair)
Julie  (Vice-chair)
OPEN (Secretary)
Jamie (Treasurer)